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Welcome to the NZCA National web site

The New Zealand Chinese Association is a national organisation established 70 years ago with 13 branches throughout New Zealand. 

It represents the interests of both long-established and new Chinese migrant groups.

It caters to the social, sporting and cultural needs of the Chinese community in New Zealand by organising annual events such as:

  • Easter Sports Tournament & Cultural Concert
  • Leadership and development Conference
  • Winter Camp travel to China

As well as  on-going historical research on:

  • The Poll Tax
  • Laws & Policies relating the Chinese in New Zealand

The Association encourages cultural maintenance and academic achievement by offering financial support or prizes  for:

  • Chinese Language Schools
  • Classes in Chinese dance
  • Lion and Dragon dance training
  • Academic excellence  

The Associations is an active participant in the national conversations on:

  • Diversity
  • Multiculturalism and biculturalism
  • Migrant issues
  • Treaty of Waitangi